NewView.Media joins the Startup and Entrepreneurship Fair!

February 2, 2020 - Start at Shea, the student executive team of the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at Boston College, is excited to announce that NewView.Media will be attending the Startup and Entrepreneurship fair on Thursday, February 20!

Company Description:

NewView.Media provides video services to entrepreneurial causes in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Beginning with the critical preproduction phase, to executing shoots and through each editing iteration, they aim to guide clients through every step of the video production process. They've written, filmed and edited videos to tell stories for company overview videos, client testimonial campaigns, event recaps, animations, instructional videos, gubernatorial video campaigns, and crowdfunding campaigns that have raised over $4.5 million.

Industry: Crowdfunding, Marketing, Creative Content, Video Production

Job Opportunities: Info Coming Soon!

Company Website:

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