diiVe joins the Startup and Entrepreneurship Fair!

February 2, 2020 - Start at Shea, the student executive team of the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at Boston College, is excited to announce that diiVe will be attending the Startup and Entrepreneurship fair on Thursday, February 20!

Company Description:

We are living at a time of exponential change. Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate, transforming the nature of work and employment. This is disrupting our traditional businesses and political structures whilst reshaping our global societies and systems. Coupled with rising global competitiveness, students are now entering the working world facing increasingly complex challenges, in entirely new contexts, with a much wider set of expectations.

However, our existing institutions are not necessarily preparing our young minds for the rapidly changing world and these new age challenges. To successfully lead in their future roles, students will need to be digitally savvy as well as socially conscious, and possess the right skills to adapt, respond and collaborate in a global, fast-paced environment.

diiVe believes that learning must be integrative, experiential and cross-cultural and depends on digital knowledge and application as well as connection to personal purpose. Their aim is to provide students with a unique, global experience that develops their digital and innovation capability, guides their direction, and builds their capacity, as leaders, to drive real impact in their future careers.

diiVe is building the next generation of global leaders.

Industry: Education, Technology

Job Opportunities: Interns

Company Website:

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