Office Envy: Season 1 Episode 1 - Tech Trek Trip to Wayfair

We kicked off Spring 2020 Tech Trek trips by first visiting Wayfair! Located right above Copley Place, an upscale mall located in Back Bay region of Boston, anyone working or visiting Wayfair’s headquarters enters a sunlit atrium upon going up an additional floor past the top level of the mall. The atrium is surrounded by glass windows and three different buildings, which are all apart of Wayfair’s office space. The glass windows give visitors a tiny peek into the Wayfair’s office layout.

As we headed up into Wayfair’s office space, we, unfortunately, were unable to to get pictures of their office layout, but as you can imagine it really wasn’t any different than your average office desks put together in different sections.

The highlight of our brief office tour, as we headed to the back of their dining hall to listened to our wonder panelists, was their snack section and dining hall! From the photo on the left one can tell that the dining hall has gorgeous lighting and gives off incredibly peaceful vibes. The dark blue walls really draws everyone in to sit down and take a break from their busy days. As we walked through the dining hall to get to our meeting space, everyone couldn’t help but look around in awe at Wayfair’s upscale version of a dining hall. Of course, we can’t review the dining hall without review the snack section that Wayfair offers to its employees.

The photo on the right shows the beautifully organized snack selection in 40 different bins! Right next to the snack bins were coffee machines and not pictures were two beer taps that all Wayfair employees have access to throughout the week, so long as they drink responsibly. Two large fridges were also there surrounded by white cabinets that contained a variety of necessities to grab a bite or relax with a cup of coffee throughout a busy work day. Overall, Wayfair’s snack section was incredibly spacious and for everyone who likes to grab a small snack in the middle of their work day, Wayfair is the place to be!

Before we cap off our first episode of office envy, a special shoutout goes to Katie Gold ‘19 for making this trip possible! Katie, you were such an incredible host and really kicked off this semester’s tech trek trips with a bang! We also would like to thank our wonderful panelists Arev Doursounian, David Schmetterling, Hailey Wright, Mike Bisson, and Jillian Bjorn-Caron as well as Katie Jones for giving all the students such an informative talk. And to Ezra Englebardt, thank you for taking time out of your busy work day to show us who Wayfair is by the numbers, it was truly such a unique way to get to know Wayfair!

Stay tuned for our next Tech Trek trip to Hyperplane Venture Capital and LinkSquares!

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