We enable students to create their own opportunities through the curation of the entrepreneur’s mindset; initiative, adaptability, resilience, and self-awareness.


Start @ Shea is the student executive team of the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at Boston College that inspires and engages students to make their ideas happen. The team provides students with the unique opportunity to develop ideas, perfect skills, and meet like-minded students and innovators that work in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Jere Doyle ’87, P’15

Popolo Family Executive Director 

Jere Doyle is a proven entrepreneur experienced in building formerly unknown companies into profitable and sustainable industry leaders. Jere founded and launched two companies, Prospectiv and Global Marketing, leading both from the startup phase to highly profitable businesses, and finally to successful liquidity events for all shareholders. He now operates Doyle Enterprises, where he advises a handful of Boston-based startups.

Jere works closely with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior management teams. He  helps them launch, scale, and grow their businesses and/or product lines into sustainable, long-term, successful ventures.  His various roles include consultant, advisor, board member, and angel investor. Jere’s main focus is on helping to build strong, cohesive management teams capable of overcoming obstacles to success.  

Jere is passionate about entrepreneurship. He is experienced at building world-class executive teams, developing and launching innovative products, and building vibrant company cultures. He has a particular expertise in all areas of consumer acquisition.

Jere received a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University in 1993 and a bachelors of science from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College in 1987.

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Kelsey Kinton ’12

Assistant Director

Kelsey Kinton received her B.A in Communications from Boston College in 2012 and has a strong understanding of the Jesuit, Catholic learning context that the University strives to instill in its students.

Upon graduation, Kelsey was hired as Membership Coordinator for the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, where she was solely responsible for maintaining all Customer Relationship Management database information. Other tasks included billing and finance, generating reports, and newsletter and event production.

Aside from her first position as Membership Coordinator, Kelsey climbed the ladder and worked in a number of different departments at the Bureau, including Public Relations and Sales. During her three years with the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, she also gained a close familiarity with the city’s entrepreneurial landscape and ecosystem. Her experience has prepared her for a wide range of interactions with clients, faculty, students, alumni, and others, as well as for work in areas such as public relations, communications, marketing, operations assistance, and improvement initiatives.

Kelsey’s experience, coupled with her knowledge of Boston College ideals, will be pivotal when building on existing initiatives in the Carroll School of Management, and when reaching out further to the broader University community, to alumni, and to innovators far beyond Chestnut Hill. 

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Gerald Kane

Faculty Director
Professor, Information Systems Department

Professor Gerald C. (Jerry) Kane's research interests involve how organizations develop strategy, culture, and talent in response to changes in the competitive landscape wrought by digital technology, such as social media, mobile devices, Internet-of-Things, analytics, and emerging technologies (i.e. virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence). His published research has appeared in MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Organization Science, Management Science, Marketing Science, Harvard Business Review, and MIT-Sloan Management Review. Dr. Kane has also consulted with Fortune 500 companies and taught executive education worldwide on managing and competing within an increasingly digital environment.

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Duncan Walker

Entrepreneur in Residence

Duncan Walker is the co-founder of Jebbit, a venture capital-backed consumer data platform, which employs 55 people and was founded at BC in 2011.

Duncan is also the Managing Director of SSC Venture Partners, which is a venture fund, accelerator, and mentorship network for Boston College founders. Over the last five years, Duncan has worked with over 100 startups founded by BC alumni and current students.


Duncan welcomes discussions with anyone who would like to chat: duncan.walker@bc.edu

Duncan's skillset is uniquely technical and non-technical, covering product management, software development, design, and marketing. Duncan has created many open source projects, whose code has been used over 1.5 million times by companies around the world.

As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Shea Center, Duncan is focussed on the growth of BC's student-entrepreneurs, the Shea Startup Accelerator, and applicability of the entrepreneurial mindset to all students and aspects of campus life. Duncan graduated from BC in 2013.

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Ed Frechette 

Entrepreneur in Residence

Ed is the Shea Center's first Social Entrepreneur in Residence, where he will assist with program development, mentoring and advising of students, and expanding the Shea Center's reach across campus and to alumni and innovators in the broader technology community.

Ed is Director of Social Enterprise Partnerships at UTEC, Inc,. a youth services nonprofit in Lowell.  He joined UTEC in June 2013 and helped develop several social enterprises to employ young adults with a history of gang or court involvement. These range from mattress recycling to woodworking to food services. 

Ed grew up in New Hampshire and, after spending seven years in advertising in Chicago, joined Dunkin' Donuts where he worked in a wide range of marketing roles over his sixteen year career.  He then moved on to lead the marketing function at Au Bon Pain, where he served as Senior VP of Marketing for six years.

He has a BA from Dartmouth College and an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School.  He lives in Dorchester with his wife of 35 years. 


Start @ Shea is the student executive team of the Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship at Boston College that inspires and engages students to make their ideas happen.



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