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The Lab

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Welcome to Start@Shea's first open incubator, The Lab!

All workshops are open to any student (registered or not), so make sure to RSVP below.


The Lab is all about bridging the gap between ideation and execution. Join us for hands-on workshops, business model development sessions, and exclusive resources to get your idea ready to begin executing. This is the program for any student-founder hoping to actualize ideas that you can't stop thinking about, and to meet and learn from other student-founders. 


Those who attend all 6 sessions will have a priority interview for Start@Shea’s Accelerator Program!*

Accelerate@Shea is a 9-week program held during the Spring semester where student startups get equity-free funding, mentorship from industry professionals, and a lot more resources to execute and grow their companies. Learn more about Accelerate@Shea here!

*Admission not guaranteed

All workshops will be open for the community to drop in, with the first spot priorities offered the those enrolled in our program.

Hope to see you soon!

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