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Strakosch Venture Competition

Start@Shea's annual Strakosch Venture Competition gives student founders the opportunity to win equity-free funding to grow their startups. After two years of being remote, we're finally back in person!

Our 2022 Strakosch Venture Competition was the best one yet with incredible student startup finalists, a packed audience, and a supportive community. Come join us for our next event!

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After multiple screening rounds, finalist student founders pitch their startups to a panel of esteemed judges and elaborate on the mission and purpose of their businesses, as well as the problems they solve. The judges ask them questions regarding their business models, revenue, scaling, and go-to-market strategy.

With a supportive student crowd to pitch in front of, teams have 4 minutes to present their business ideas and ventures. It certainly is an exciting night for everyone to be a part of!

After deliberations from the judges, the top three founder teams walk away with cash prizes to further fund their businesses, and a crowd favorite is voted upon by the audience themselves. Congratulations to Jorge Dickens '24 and Jay Wadhwa '24 for their first place finish with Split this year!

2022 Winners 

1st Place: Split

Founders: Jay Wadhwa,
Jorge DickensColin NicholsHans DewitteWill Sieveright

Reimagining Group Payments with Buy-Now-Pay Later Technology

2nd Place: DeFi-Able

Founders: Hailey Wilcox,
Jack Moffat

Portfolio Valuation Analytics for NFT Traders & Investors

3rd Place: SpotDrop

Arthur Brenninkmeijer

The Foodie App that Brings Hot Spots and Friends Together

Crowd Favorite: MCEE

Founders: Rhett Somers,
Jack Russell

Collaborative Music Curated By Everyone, Everywhere 

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