Shea Center Talks


Each week, the Shea Center hosts entrepreneurs, alumni, and industry professionals visit our campus to share their stories of their careers and development. Students engage in lively discussion and have the chance to ask insightful questions about their experiences. 

It is a great opportunity to make connections with successful entrepreneurs and professionals, while learning from someone who has been through the failures and successes of starting a company or naviagting their careers. 

Shea Center Talks are a part of our signature TechTrek course (ISYS3206) , a semster-long class that allows students to dive deep into these conversations with these speakers. However, our talks are open to anyone interested and are hosted in the Shea Room or on Zoom!


Every Shea Center Talk has brought students valuable understandings of what it's like to be a founder and work in startups. Hearing from individuals that have been through the real experience provides lessons that go beyond just the classroom.

 Students get to be in a close environment with our speakers and ask questions that they usually won't have the opportunity to. We are grateful for every speaker that took time out of their busy schedules to come to support our student community!


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If you are interested in speaking at a Shea Center Talk, please email Kelsey Kinton