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Elevator Pitch Competition

Got an idea that will rock the world? Here’s your chance to get started! Drizzly, Viv, Candor, Aryeo, and Fishermen were all founded by BC students. At the Elevator Pitch Competition, each student team will prepare a 60-second pitch for their business idea and present it in front of a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, who will determine the best pitches. Cash prizes will be given to the winners. 

Our 2022 Elevator Pitch Competition Final just

Tuesday, Oct 25th, at 7 pm
245 Beacon Auditorium (Room 107)!


1. APPLY with your business idea

2. SEMI-FINALISTS  are offered to attend a pitch workshop led by a pitching expert

3. PITCH  to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs and VCs who determine the finalists


to see who will take the cash prize home!

2021 Winners

First Place:
Jack McConnell '24 - Katch

Second Place:
Dom Severo '24 - Clipd

Third Place:
Ashmini Weerakoon '22 - Critech

Crowd Favorite:
J.P. Milbury '23 - Schoolwork

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