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Accelerate@Shea Class of 2022

The Brainstorm Cohort

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Start@Shea's Accelerate@Shea accelerator program finally returns with in-person workshops in our new Shea Center, and a hybrid format Demo Day! With the help of an amazing Accelerate@Shea Team behind the scenes, 12 stellar Boston College student founded teams were given the opportunity to grow their businesses during the 9-weeks. 

Watch the '22 Cohort's Demo Day!

Accelerate@Shea '22 Cohort 

Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Alina Yan '23,
Sophia Cassidy '23,
Alex Park '24,
Maggie Yan '22

Media Day Team

Emma Raith '24, Lily Rodiguez '25, Michael Li '25,
Sarai Costello '25, Elizabeth Sarver '25,
Christian Torres '25, Luke Calhoun '25, Agalby Morel '25, Molly Dugan '25, Lauren-Elize Roque '24,
Daisy Valdez-Ortiz '25

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